Wednesday, April 2, 2014

week 10. imagine it. see it take 01.

you’re walking around in a seeming to be endless space. it’s dark here. there is no set format, doorways appear randomly and sometimes disappear after an instant.

there's just a silent hum and once in a while you hear a few breaths, sometimes a heartbeat. there’s something beautiful in how simple everything is.

it’s pretty dark you realize as you walk further—so dark that you’ve been wondering how you’re moving through this space…do you even know where you’re going? you brush that thought aside and continue to walk freely through the room, but not down the center, you stick to the walls.

you reach a door that’s wide open. you walk in. a dim light bulb hangs down from the ceiling. the walls are black. there's a large projector screen flat against the wall, but nothing is playing. you hear a noise outside of the room and move to investigate.

it looks just the same as before. darkness. you hear the noise again and see a closed door, this one has light coming under the door. you move towards it. then you notice another door. its door is open and a ridiculous amount of florescent lights are on in the room. you walk into the bright room.

you feel like you may become blinded by the amount of light here and hear the sound. you squint your eyes and notice these walls are black and has a projector screen too—a video plays on loop on this one. you hear the sound again. like clockwork, every 10 seconds—but then not so much. it keeps changing.

you look at the screen. sights—sights from a car in black and white. it looks familiar. you move forward. just then you start hearing someone mumbling loudly. you remember where the sights are from and you look back towards the screen. it’s now vividly colored. you involuntarily shake. it reminds you a lot of the day you got into that car wreck, almost the actual day—that was the road you were on, you drive it everyday. those birds weren’t there though and the grass wasn’t super green.

it looks JUST like the day that you got into that accident. the sound goes up on the video. you hear your car tires connecting to the road and your keys hitting the steering wheel. you hear laughter right behind you. you turn around.

these are the first test videos below.

test 01.

test 02.

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