Saturday, March 29, 2014

week 09. hold the phone. found inspiration.

I know this is a bit out of the normal schedule, but I saw this project off Behance + connected right away with it. The video is partially what I have been mentally envisioning for the third main experience of my site, the "free form expression." It has that DIY feel, but also that personal flow to it, as if we, the viewer are peeping in on someones mind. I bet you may be thinking that the sound/voice/music may be creepy or a bit off-settling, BUT that it totally how I see minds/memories/thoughts all working together. It's like that moment in movie where things are unnervingly silent or the movie slows down right before the huge action moment or the unsuspecting victim in a horror film that is about to be attacked; it is the slow creep of a moment where you know it is coming and you are a bit uncomfortable with what is about to happen. I truly think that is how the mind really is, if you could walk around in it.

Can you imagine if we could actually experience that? Imagine walking around your brain and being able to see where and how things connect. There would be big video screens of intense colors, moments of black, as well as your videos of your memories from your view/however your mind is still remembering it. There'd be smoke and distortion all around you. There'd be screaming, shouting, bad singing and crying. There'd be people walking around ignoring you and others following you as you walk around, some quiet, some loud, some shouting/screaming/pleading with you. It would be intense, potentially scarring, but interesting on all fronts.

L'Inquiétude from Diogo Azevedo on Vimeo.

more information about this actual project can be found here. It was a collaborative project by Diogo Azevedo, Beatriz Severes, Joana Coelho + Marta Barros.

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