Wednesday, March 26, 2014

making connections.

I apparently never looked at the blog this afternoon, so my apologies for this being late.

Communication as the overall topic is what most schools have as a major; graphic design is a specific way of formatting communication. Visual communication is the method of using art/images/photographs/props/things + typography to express an overall topic, subject, idea + message. And, we actually were in two parts of that class that focused on the way in which we create messages as designers. The main use of graphic design, to appeal, inform or provoke a specific audience to do or think a certain way which is where visual communication comes into play to help us organize and illustrate information into easy to digest pieces of information. Due to the connotations connected to everything from colors to countries to words to hierarchy, designers are given the task of researching a particular audience for their project to understand how the particular audience thinks, interacts and plays.

For my degree project, visual communication is the method in which I will entice people to create + share memories, then turn around and connect with others. This includes website name, phrases + wording, as well as colors, attributes, site navigation, site design and really everything else that is any form of graphic or web design. We create + organize content and provide directions that can be easily understood and followed by a specific audience. Specifically for the sharing of memories I will be creating an easy to navigate website that will allow users to select different layouts to save their memories as well as share with others online. I will be using easy to understand/relate icons to actions that will be expressed on the website. For the potential printed or digital pieces, I will utilize a clear hierarchy that keeps the focus for each of those products where they should be. I will also be looking at how + what users of this website would really want to use it for and how it would be used.

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