Wednesday, May 14, 2014

week 17. closer but not super green.

Below are the video + poster that I submitted to the Senior Show. Although Framer still is not done, it is definitely getting there. I imagine some more sole dedicated time + I should be able to knock it out the park. Good thing the summer is coming...

Framer: a memory archive from Anna D on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

week 16. almost "there."

the final two logo options that I'm deciding between for the slideshow before you sign in.

the previous 2 logo options that I was looking at.

different layout of images + text for one of the post examples in the slidesho

different main logo + image layout that I was working with.

bottom nav logo options.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

week 15. site design process.

I pushed harder to get more screens done in hope that I would be able to just focus on putting together the video this weekend. Trying to keep simplistic but also easy to navigate and understand. The main issue that I needed to crank out this weekend was the last screen in this post—what the actual interface looks like when people are posting or creating memories/souvenirs/free from expression videos.

slideshow opening before sign in.

profile + some site navigation.

interface start for what a post would look like...need massive overhaul or to show something else in video.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week 14. the struggle continues.

I feel like each time that I have pushed to do better design or get back on track I keep tripping. I started to work with changing the space between the different icons, as well as using a new icon or two. I also briefly contemplated changing the name to "memory archive." I also thought about the idea that was suggested of either going more into nostalgia or move away from the idea of a movie screen. I was also starting to move away from the gray color and look to a simple black + white combination. I think use of the black or white main color combination allows the vivid colors of the memories to take the main focus no matter how large or small the images or videos are.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

week 13. the semi end.

This is my last "final" post for my Degree Project. I did not get to my final presentation with all of the finished parts that I was hoping for. I would say that I am not even happy with where I was when I presented on Wednesday. I had a lot more difficultly throughout this project than I had ever expected to run into. I kept focusing on my friendship with John and wanted to recreate what I had with him so much that I kept taking each bit of a branch in my path as a roadblock. What I ended up with was just like my memory, parts of a whole, snippets of what the program is and nothing more. The way that I had to present my project, I could only do with a presentation with a lot of me narrating because I didn't have all of the right screens completed to allow the design to speak more for itself. I'm still not even sure that I like the name of my program/project now based off of the connotations that some of the guest judges had.

I have a lot more work to try to get done + am going to move as fast as I can with deliberate steps to get to where I should really be now. I think that I finally have my concept of my project down and what I think it would do—I just need to run + design it.

Below is my final presentation PDF.

Friday, April 18, 2014

week 12. run anna run.

So, there is still movement on my front. I started trying to set up mag+ today and was running into some slight issues of formatting but I am still pushing forward with the animation of how the site is going to work.

I was attempting to get focused on a name + tagline yesterday, as I still wasn't super sold on "the framer." But as I came up with nothing better, it still stands as "the framer" with the tag line of "an archive of memories." I was trying to design a better logo/mark for the website—I basically ran in circles because my design friend that looked over the logo options said that people may read the logo as "the fuck." I decided that this would probably be an issue.

the largest mark on the right is what I was going with, but then went into doubt as the title was not in it.

theses are many of the options that I was working with, keeping the black + white with a sans serif and Jenson or just 2 forms of Jenson.
this weekend will be super busy, but time is still left to finish + animate the website as well as put together my presentation for Wednesday. I just need to start running faster now—and figure out what I am doing incorrectly in Mag+


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Week 12. the run continues.

As of class yesterday I had layout + memory advancement. I am getting closer to what I have visualized for the website and what I can actually create. After meeting with Tyler briefly, we chatted about how probably only two of the three memory collections below will actually be needed. Also, we spoke more about how he liked the compact nature of the file + post links near the user's profile photo. Each of the screens below show a different "randomly generated memory collection" as well as a slightly different take at the navigation and style of the menu on the user profile.I have a lot more to get through but am moving forward as fast and effective as possible. My thoughts as of right now for the promo video order is: home page, sign in + go to personal profile, click on own memories, view a memory, create a souvenir (show a few spreads), create a video (free form expression) then share with friend. This still may change, but currently where I am focused.Screen wise I need to create: home, home slide show, log in, user profile, user memory page, one memory, souvenir making page (and pages if needed to show where content is from), couple souvenir spreads, free form expression creation layout, couple steps in that process, sharing video options.