Thursday, April 17, 2014

Week 12. the run continues.

As of class yesterday I had layout + memory advancement. I am getting closer to what I have visualized for the website and what I can actually create. After meeting with Tyler briefly, we chatted about how probably only two of the three memory collections below will actually be needed. Also, we spoke more about how he liked the compact nature of the file + post links near the user's profile photo. Each of the screens below show a different "randomly generated memory collection" as well as a slightly different take at the navigation and style of the menu on the user profile.I have a lot more to get through but am moving forward as fast and effective as possible. My thoughts as of right now for the promo video order is: home page, sign in + go to personal profile, click on own memories, view a memory, create a souvenir (show a few spreads), create a video (free form expression) then share with friend. This still may change, but currently where I am focused.Screen wise I need to create: home, home slide show, log in, user profile, user memory page, one memory, souvenir making page (and pages if needed to show where content is from), couple souvenir spreads, free form expression creation layout, couple steps in that process, sharing video options. 

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