Friday, April 4, 2014

week 10. slowed forward movement.

I started to work on the branding and kept running into this issue of what is the best way to describe it? I went back to looking at quotes, phrases, poems, lyrics, anything that dealt with text that I had tweeted and tried to pull inspiration from that. I then went back to my last list of name options and tried to pull different options.

the tweeted information.
Subconscious, mind, memories, ride, circle, cycle, line, pursing you, subjectivity, brain waters, tap in, play off “hooked on phonics,” “dive down deep, past breath + sight, into sense + texture,” stationary scamper, False Awakening, arbitrary, perception, "In memory my thoughts take actions and my mind takes the backseat," re-unitement, hole in plaid, displacement, appears, backhanded, transcendence, thinking, grawlix, dense, “There’s more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done. –The Lion King,” lucid interval, human history, “If we put a giant mirror 10 light years away from Earth and looked at it through a telescope, theoretically we'd see 20 years into the past.” “I want to add something to this world. –Remy (Ratatouille),” vivid nightmares, sleep only kills the dream, lack a filter, displacement, rebooted mind, "sometimes you fail + sometimes you don't—but you're always where you need to be," aesthetics, one little conversation can change things forever, “I relived important life moments through a collection of images, dreamt more vividly than I have in a while.”

some of the key words + phrases that I was pulling.
the memory archive
memory framer
pasted interaction/connections/memories
memory: slam, swap
rebooted / revived / restart
faltered story

most potential names thus far.
pasted memories
memory framer

taglines (only one so far)
post. create. express.

I've been trying to figure what the display/organization of memories would look like rendered online. I can't create what I am seeing in my mind yet, but this is some bad format of it. But the idea of the videos/stories being in this larger circle square shape. I was also trying to think about how memories would transition into one another. Is it a fade out, slow overlap or something else? Do the memories go both to the left and right? Are they stacked up? Are they gridded out? Or? Are the brightest memories in front? Is there order? I need to keep pushing and trying to think how memories would best be displayed.

what is next?I need to name it all this weekend. I really think the the logo will become part of the icons that will be used for the three parts of memory/story creation on the website. I need to put together some more solid visuals of the interface. I should probably be thinking about the main page when logged in. How do those memories look? Whose can you see? Figure out the way that you will be distorting the memories in small but noticeable changes. I should start thinking about the story of the video that will describe this. I need to finish that video clip thing, the free form expression. I need to do a bunch.random thoughts.
I keep thinking of Kingdom Hospital, the TV series and I am not totally sure why.

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