Friday, April 11, 2014

week 11. the path face plant.

This week has been one consistent with previous weeks to a worse position. I basically tripped pretty hard this week attempting to jog on my path. I tried to balance myself before I face planted pretty hard on the sidewalk. Below are three ways that I was initially thinking about the design of what viewing one memory would be like. I now that the first option is a bit of an eyesore but I was thinking of having a closer representation to film/photo/documentary/memory feel that the website is focused on. Option 2 was pulled back + more focused on the old school TV feel when the screens were squares with rounded corners. Option 3 was back on the idea of memories and thoughts being projected in our mind (and on a projector screen). The quick creation was a rough edit of cutting out the white around the projector screen edges. 

The color scheme is black, white + darker gray with many a hint of color. The main focus will be on the memories and thus where most color will be located as the website is the hub for memories.

I found this software called Reflector. It allows you to record + save your interactions on an iPhone or iPad, which then led me to the thought that I could easily use that to record interactions of a website without need the ability to code a site.

option 01.

option 02.

option 03.

test video of recording navigation on an iPhone via my computer.

name options at this point.
I really like the interaction between the m + f so I may stick with memory framer, unless I find another f word or another letter that creates a similar.

weekend plan.
I am creating, taking + editing the film for the free form expression.
I am designing + setting up the website.
I am attempting to finalize the name and branding.
I need to start figuring my PDF Process book layout.
I should start on my presentation.

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