Thursday, April 24, 2014

week 13. the semi end.

This is my last "final" post for my Degree Project. I did not get to my final presentation with all of the finished parts that I was hoping for. I would say that I am not even happy with where I was when I presented on Wednesday. I had a lot more difficultly throughout this project than I had ever expected to run into. I kept focusing on my friendship with John and wanted to recreate what I had with him so much that I kept taking each bit of a branch in my path as a roadblock. What I ended up with was just like my memory, parts of a whole, snippets of what the program is and nothing more. The way that I had to present my project, I could only do with a presentation with a lot of me narrating because I didn't have all of the right screens completed to allow the design to speak more for itself. I'm still not even sure that I like the name of my program/project now based off of the connotations that some of the guest judges had.

I have a lot more work to try to get done + am going to move as fast as I can with deliberate steps to get to where I should really be now. I think that I finally have my concept of my project down and what I think it would do—I just need to run + design it.

Below is my final presentation PDF.

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