Friday, February 28, 2014

week 05. outlining website uses + privacy levels.

I've been focused on basically the outline/site map of the website itself this past week. The last post was of the current three interaction options of storytelling, in the general meaning. I started to think about the connection/interaction of users on the website. The main thing that came up was the idea of privacy levels for memories. My initial thoughts are that there are no friends or connections that you make on the website, we are simply all together—so in a way everyone is already "friends" or connected. Each post can be only visible to author(s), visible to all users, visible to only those who have the link to the memory (basically for sharing with people who do not have an account or specific users that you give the link to).

This next week, I am going to wireframe out more of these interactions and moments of experience in the website. I also am going to start thinking about what actual pieces I want to have created by the end of the project, other than the website look + feel. I need to start the first stages of branding/naming too.


4 main uses.

1. creating a memento based on the memory
artsy video.

2. connecting with users.
commenting on posts/memories.
co-authoring memories.
creating an artsy video based on another user’s memory.

3. posting a memory.
written content.
combination of the four.

4. finding a memory.
search via tags/topics.
search video storyteller/author.
search via post time + date.
most comments.

privacy/share levels.
you’re automatically in the mixing pool, there are no friends.
profile (everyone can see it).
memory (only author(s). link only viewing. every user can view it.).
memento (only author(s). link only viewing. every user can view it.).

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the wireframes take 01.

first way to interact. 
post a story, similar to how you would post something on Facebook. The user has the ability to post written text, video, sound clips/music/voice memo and/or photographs. This is more in the act of having documented the event.

second way to interact.
create a souvenir based off of correspondence that you have had while a part of this website. You can create a poster, magazine, book, card, etc with full emails that you have sent back and forth, quotes from the emails, comments that you posted on the website or other imagery that you've sent or received on the website.

third way to interact.
create an experience based on all of these bits of materials that the user has collected. This is more of a creative, artsy or emotional expression of the event. Moreso this is the fun part and not super documentary focused, but emotion, feel, texture of moment that is being recreated.

Friday, February 21, 2014

week 04. the cold/flu.

I learned this week that when the mind gives up on a body, that is often when the cold/flu sneaks in.

My hope is that over the weekend my health comes back to where I can think more, as it is currently sketchy and disconnected. I need to find my content this weekend that I will be mainly working with and then start the branding of my website/book/magazine/degree project. I wish that I had more to type, but really this cold/flu took over everything.

Friday, February 14, 2014

constantly in place.

It’s funny to me that this project has been moving, like my life has been since I’ve been out here in the MO. I keep hitting some form of roadblock and wanting to derail. I’ve been struggling with this idea of how I will obtain content to use in my website and then where to find a test audience, for the feedback later. I have been letting the deadlines rule me and not taking them. I am more afraid to fail then I am excited to succeed.

I need to figure something out with what I’m doing with content; I think that’s the main thing that I’m struggling with. Where is this information/stories that I’m pulling from? I really need to figure that out this weekend to get myself back on path, whatever that path really is.

What I still believe about my project is that: it will focus on interaction between individuals, there will be more than one way to experience the content, there will be a way to communicate + build connections, it has to be deal with storytelling.

Here’s to hoping I have another post soon about what I am actually doing; or will at least know by Wednesday when that poster is due.