Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the wireframes take 01.

first way to interact. 
post a story, similar to how you would post something on Facebook. The user has the ability to post written text, video, sound clips/music/voice memo and/or photographs. This is more in the act of having documented the event.

second way to interact.
create a souvenir based off of correspondence that you have had while a part of this website. You can create a poster, magazine, book, card, etc with full emails that you have sent back and forth, quotes from the emails, comments that you posted on the website or other imagery that you've sent or received on the website.

third way to interact.
create an experience based on all of these bits of materials that the user has collected. This is more of a creative, artsy or emotional expression of the event. Moreso this is the fun part and not super documentary focused, but emotion, feel, texture of moment that is being recreated.

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