Friday, February 14, 2014

constantly in place.

It’s funny to me that this project has been moving, like my life has been since I’ve been out here in the MO. I keep hitting some form of roadblock and wanting to derail. I’ve been struggling with this idea of how I will obtain content to use in my website and then where to find a test audience, for the feedback later. I have been letting the deadlines rule me and not taking them. I am more afraid to fail then I am excited to succeed.

I need to figure something out with what I’m doing with content; I think that’s the main thing that I’m struggling with. Where is this information/stories that I’m pulling from? I really need to figure that out this weekend to get myself back on path, whatever that path really is.

What I still believe about my project is that: it will focus on interaction between individuals, there will be more than one way to experience the content, there will be a way to communicate + build connections, it has to be deal with storytelling.

Here’s to hoping I have another post soon about what I am actually doing; or will at least know by Wednesday when that poster is due.

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