Friday, February 28, 2014

week 05. outlining website uses + privacy levels.

I've been focused on basically the outline/site map of the website itself this past week. The last post was of the current three interaction options of storytelling, in the general meaning. I started to think about the connection/interaction of users on the website. The main thing that came up was the idea of privacy levels for memories. My initial thoughts are that there are no friends or connections that you make on the website, we are simply all together—so in a way everyone is already "friends" or connected. Each post can be only visible to author(s), visible to all users, visible to only those who have the link to the memory (basically for sharing with people who do not have an account or specific users that you give the link to).

This next week, I am going to wireframe out more of these interactions and moments of experience in the website. I also am going to start thinking about what actual pieces I want to have created by the end of the project, other than the website look + feel. I need to start the first stages of branding/naming too.


4 main uses.

1. creating a memento based on the memory
artsy video.

2. connecting with users.
commenting on posts/memories.
co-authoring memories.
creating an artsy video based on another user’s memory.

3. posting a memory.
written content.
combination of the four.

4. finding a memory.
search via tags/topics.
search video storyteller/author.
search via post time + date.
most comments.

privacy/share levels.
you’re automatically in the mixing pool, there are no friends.
profile (everyone can see it).
memory (only author(s). link only viewing. every user can view it.).
memento (only author(s). link only viewing. every user can view it.).

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