Friday, March 7, 2014

week 06. digital wireframe sketching + content gathering.

At the end of this week, I move forward with having made my initial sketch wireframes into digital wireframes. I tried to iron out some of the issues that I was having before with differentiating between different website uses, as well as flushing out the user scenario. I then was working on some more refining of what I had in class + that is below. I still have more work to do in that aspect, but I am slowly getting to a better place. This week I also sent my friend, John a written memory, an mp3 of a song that I relate to the event, lyrics to that song, 3 images of me before the incident and 3 images of me after the incident. I told him to let me know about his interaction with the materials, as well as responding as if he would have seen these materials on a website. We'll see how this ends up, as I did not send a flat layout of all of the materials to him, just the files sorted into folders.

interaction option A. Share a Memory.

interaction option B: Create a Souvenir.

My plan for next week is to have the three main interaction options on my website fully flushed out in digital wireframes for the presentation. I also plan on starting on the branding.

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