Saturday, April 12, 2014

week 11. processing.

I've been thinking, looking + working on the interaction of what one memory screen would look like, as well as the step before that which has multiple memories displayed on it. At this point I think that is a definite possibility in display on the website. I'm currently working off 2 of the 3 displayed last post. I thought they made the most sense in being the vessel for a memory. The top band with "mf" on it is the navigation bar that has condensed itself until needed. The main feel of the website is that the viewer is one with the memories; you're in one giant experience, so having a super chunky navigation bar would be pretty distracting. Color wise, I am working with black and white imagery to see how it looks and then adding color in the next steps if it adds to the overall feeling, if not I may just keep the thumbnail versions black and white and perhaps the memories themselves will be in color.

option 01.

option 02.

option 03.

option 04.

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