Friday, April 18, 2014

week 12. run anna run.

So, there is still movement on my front. I started trying to set up mag+ today and was running into some slight issues of formatting but I am still pushing forward with the animation of how the site is going to work.

I was attempting to get focused on a name + tagline yesterday, as I still wasn't super sold on "the framer." But as I came up with nothing better, it still stands as "the framer" with the tag line of "an archive of memories." I was trying to design a better logo/mark for the website—I basically ran in circles because my design friend that looked over the logo options said that people may read the logo as "the fuck." I decided that this would probably be an issue.

the largest mark on the right is what I was going with, but then went into doubt as the title was not in it.

theses are many of the options that I was working with, keeping the black + white with a sans serif and Jenson or just 2 forms of Jenson.
this weekend will be super busy, but time is still left to finish + animate the website as well as put together my presentation for Wednesday. I just need to start running faster now—and figure out what I am doing incorrectly in Mag+


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